Friday, May 21, 2010

A Long Anticipated Update: (maybe not anticipated)

With the end of the semester as busy and stressful as it was. I managed to get really ill. Now that I've deferred my update as long as possible, I think it's time for some more art:

This was my final project for Marker Techniques. We had to render a car. I really enjoy old cars. This time it was done completely in marker.

I've started brainstorming some new ideas for this advanced Children's Book class I'm taking next semester. There is a story I've been thinking about a young praying mantis who wants to fly like his bug friends but can't yet:

This is a part of a series of self portraits I had to do for class. This was my favorite of the 6.

Our assignment for illustration this semester was to illustrate a set of "opposites" from a list. I chose "Cool vs. Uncool" This was my piece. I like to dabble in paper cut outs from time to time. I'm told it's a direction I should go.

Based on the last assignment we were supposed to make a "product" from our illustration. I made these "Snail Cloths". They are made of washcloth material and those funny loofas. I'm not quite sure if they are actually affective. I've yet to try.

We had to illustrate a poster for the phrase "Start Here Go Anywhere". I illustrated this in paper cut outs.

I'll be posting some more stuff soon!