Friday, July 2, 2010

Coyotes of NYC

So recently a few coyotes ended up in Manhattan and everyone was in a tizzy trying to sedate and capture the little beasts (they were successful by the way and set them free in the forest). It got me thinking about a series of illustrations that I was to do for a show my roommate and I are having at Square Root Cafe (on myrtle). Anyway, I thought if the coyotes got stuck here they would eventually need to blend in, in order to live and eventually take over the city. Sadly I sort of rushed this project because I became so busy. Generally I don't do too much digital work but it was the quickest option for me. This is the triptych.

Subway Couple:

Dog Walker (ironic? I think that even the coyotes would need pets if they took over the city):

Agitated and Frequently Late-For-Worker:

Basically illegible business card:

These a picture of my roommate, Alexa and her work!