Saturday, October 16, 2010

Screen Printing Pt. I

I'm taking a screen printing class for the first time this semester. It's been a really good experience so far (minus the cost). We didn't have an assignment for our first project, so I just used a sketch I had of a Raccoon as Johnny Appleseed, because I was feeling festive for Autumn. Anyway, this is my first print! 4 Screen's were used, (with a gradient on the apples). I've been into Raccoons lately because my parents found like 6 of them this summer at my home in Sandy Creek and kept catching them at our bird feeders. I did a lot of research into keeping them as pets and it turns out they are quite violent, but the research inspired an entire body of work I have in mind. Trust me it will be good.

I attempted to do a gradient from my own general knowledge of how it probably works (which was probably the wrong way, you should have seen me standing on the table trying to pull this screen, it was probably hilarious to watch) as a result most of the prints in the edition are very unique to each other. Some have mostly red apples, or mostly yellow, and then like this one, have both. There are 10 prints in the edition.

Oh I also colored this digitally...