Saturday, November 13, 2010

Digital Painting pt. II

This is my first attempt at rendering something realistic digitally. We were supposed to do a portrait but I didn't feel like doing myself, so I did my friend Josie. She always has high resolution photos and a pretty face.

Still working on that shoulder, can't decide what I want there yet.

Sorry about the poor quality. There was this long ordeal with the computers in the lab being calibrated way differently then my computer at home and it made all my colors weird so I had to take a screen shot instead.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Digital Painting, Bad stories & Bad jokes.

So here are some of the digital paintings I've done this semester so far.

This was an editorial piece about an old man who inhaled a pea into his lung and it apparently sprouted. If you're curious about the article it can be found here: ( I chose a very different interpretation for this project... ...which was amoebas and germs decorating a fore mentioned pea like a Christmas Tree. They are very excited.

Gig Poster Design: We were told to do a friend's band (or one lesser known) and make a fake gig poster. So I used my friend Josie's music project "Trees Hate Everything" ( She's is also the dippy to my friend in our little band we have together. You're probably wondering why I didn't just do a gig poster for my own music. I can't say... I guess I just thought hers would be visually interesting. We actually did play at a venue called "Smoking Joe's Cafe" two summers ago. It was not a cafe but it was a really weird and sort of cool blues bar and we were given mini cupcakes because we came on the night of a celebration. Anyway, I absolutely love doing gig posters so this was really fun but done on a very quick time constraint sadly.

Book Cover Design: The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis (which is a really good theological read for your information)

We had to do an assignment that was "An Image of Pratt". I chose to do the Pratt cats since I think that's pretty unique to our school. We were only allowed to use black and white and one color, if you're wondering about the limited palette.

In order of appearance: Mustache cat, Snowball aka: Steps or Stepsie (may she rest in peace), Snaggletooth aka: Willie aka: Greyscale, & David Bowie Cat. (There are probably other nicknames of which I'm still not familiar with).

Last but not least... I am screen printing a cover for my Children's book -- "Beauregard the Blue Finds Another Hue" a story about a bear living in a blue world who discovers how colorful life can be (har har). I intend to post some stuff in the future, but I did a digital painting of the cover first, so the screen print will look roughly like so:

Well, that's that. Still working on a ton of other stuff, including a lot of musical projects. Until next time then.