Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Rodent Hour Returns


A while back I did some radio show posters for my friend Matt and his radio show "The Rodent Hour." Since then our friend Rachel has also joined the radio show. They now host the show together and invite musicians to come onto their weekly show and play some of their tunes and talk a bit about the music! When they aren't interviewing, they are playing a lot of high-voltage rock and songs from their upcoming artists.

This past spring, I made a new poster in the same vein as the original four posters I had done a year previously. This time adding the new information. I also updated and corrected the old copies, and made some bookmarks, for a book give away that Matt and his wife Khris were giving away at the Pratt Campus for World Book Night. The new poster features a blind chipmunk playing the keys, a nice tie in with the guitar playing beaver, the beat poet rat, the playwright chinchilla, and the painting gopher (or at least I think it is, I can't remember anymore, might have been a prairie dog).

Also if you click on the posters here on the blog and they are very saturated... well I'm just not sure what that's about, so I apologize.

So please make sure you tune into pratt radio on Tuesday nights from 8:00 - 10:00 pm, to hear the show, and become a part of their mailing list or follow them on Facebook to receive upcoming news!

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