Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One Hundred Paintings (Part I)

I've been told at least a handful of times, and I find it to be true, that until you've painted at least 100 paintings of anything you're just no good at it. This is something I find hard to grapple with as I have A LOT of interests. It makes me feel like I am doomed to only be mediocre at everything and not great at one thing. Today, it's unrealistic for you to be classically trained in only one thing apparently. Employers expect you to be cross-trained in at least 5 things and be great at all of them. So I wanted to work on at least one thing that really appeals to me and become really great at it. I think I could cherish that more than being only mediocre at a lot of things. Painting has always brought me great joy (not without the hair-pulling-hate-everything-going-to-quit-art-forever- days too of course). It doesn't matter what I paint, or how I paint, or what I paint with, I love to paint. Paint, paint, paint.

I purchase really great paper. So obviously I never use it.

I decided that was inefficient, and environmentally unfriendly. I would put this great paper to use and thus, the 100 paintings project was devised. So far I'm working on a watercolor block I've been hoarding for a while. All the while it's been saying "Hey... I'm here when you're ready for your masterpiece... any day now." I put it away in a drawer. That ought to keep it quiet. And it did... for a while.

So with this "anything goes" sort of project I'm just going to keep painting whatever comes into my mind and inspires me. I think it will be a great exercise on a technical and conceptual level. As an aspiring children's books writer and illustrator it will be mostly cute animals I'm betting, but perhaps with more mature content. Maybe even just emotional responses with color or imagery. How very fine art of me.

I'd like to say I would do one painting a day but I just don't think this will be possible. I've done musical projects before where I have written songs everyday for a given period of time but painting tends to be a bit more time consuming and location specific for me.

So far I have done 3 paintings and I hope that you will enjoy tuning in every so often to see the progress.

The first painting was inspired by this article:
Magpies and Bears Mourn Korea's "Dear Leader"

It was a sweet and melancholy image in my mind. This painting originally started out as a pretty quick one, I didn't intend to refine but I think I may go back and do that someday.

"The Mourning Bear" or "The Mourning of Kim Jong Il"

The second painting was created from a desire to depict something sunny and crisp, like a warm autumn dusk. I was overcome with an impulse to jump in some crunchy leaves that day.

"Fox Trot"

The third painting I worked on was done the same day as "Fox Trot" I can't honestly say where the idea came for this one. I liked the idea of the repeating leaf texture and non traditional colors for a tree. Reds and indigos instantly came to mind. I wanted to juxtapose something kind of ominous and warm simultaneously. The image could potentially communicate a lot of things but I'd rather not stamp on anyone's interpretation or emotional response.

"Our Family Tree"

Painting four is already in the works. I hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday! After all it's not the worst day of the week (that's Thursday incase you were inquiring).

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In The Spirit Of St. Valentine!

I've covered "The Book Of Love" by the Magnetic Fields. I think it's just a lovely song. I enjoy the Peter Gabriel cover as well. Though for some reason it makes me sob every time I hear it (I blame the strings). So I don't listen to that version anymore. Also I made the video pink, which is neat.


It can also be viewed on the youtubes.

<3 <3 <3 The Book Of Love

Happiest of Valentines.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I've been doing a wide variety of art lately. That's the great thing about creative thinking, when you get a knack for it you can usually try it in many different venues. While I've been working on my children's book I've also been making some textiles and I even entered a competition for Creative Commons "Do Shit That Matters" Typography challenge. It's been fun to get back into design again. I really enjoy the organic / hands on feeling of painting but I must say, I work much quicker on the computer.. I created both these textiles in under an hour!

(The paper airplanes I used here inspired the following pattern)