Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One Hundred Paintings Part IX

So I've finally returned from hiatus. I can't tell you how crazy my life has been over the past few weeks (no really I can't). The worst part is that I have been dying to create but other things just keep coming up. This is always the way it goes. It's been kind of daunting to get back into the project because I know now that I've missed so many weeks. I could probably be up to fifty paintings by now. I'm determined to paint more than three paintings a week in order to catch up (again, none of it matters really because there is no deadline, but this is just an irreversible part of myself I've developed. What else can I be?). I've also primed some masonite (google chrome tells me this isn't a real word, but I swear that's what it's called) for a summer of painting. I've been writing a lot of songs for an upcoming album whose release date is still TBD. Even better though, I've been typing these songs on an old smith-corona typewriter I bought for $12 at a flea market. It's really magical. Everything about it feels authentic. 

I'd like to add just for funsies, that I keep having dreams about writing and directing plays. I so rarely have creative dreams (weird right?). The first dream I had I dreamt I wrote a play that took place under the sea and the characters were sea animals, and in the play they were all rehearsing to be in a musical play (how meta), but they all really sucked, with the exception of a whale... who is a naturally good crooner... as we all know.

Then the other night I even got all pretentious and self-righteous in my dream about a play I had written. My producer wanted to change things that I thought were integral to the production, so I said I'd be taking my play elsewhere. Which is hilarious actually, if you know me.

And I wouldn't go holding my breath or anything, but I also have a brilliant idea for a stop motion video. Which I've had a great love and passion for. So we'll see about that.

So I've got all these great ideas, and basically no brain space to work them all out at once. I feel like I'm going insane. I just wish there was more time, or people I could delegate my ideas to. This is probably why I can't ever have a real job. How will I ever get all my own work done? How did I ever graduate from college? I was even on a fairly "regular" sleep schedule by my senior year. Fancy that.

I won't delve too deep into the content of these paintings. After all, I have many more paintings to do. I will say though, that I was surprised it took me this long to do a winter scene. Watercolor usually lends itself pretty well to that kind of thing.

"The Secret Keeper"

This painting is of a fox leaping through a field of sage. I guess the advice would be. "Look before you leap." Sage the plant is generally associated with wisdom, immortality, etc. Foxes are known for their cleverness. And let's face it, foxes are awesome. I went to the zoo recently, and apart from the spectacled bear (my favorite bear), and some very curious meerkats, there was a red fox I almost took home. Unfortunately New York has this thing about not keeping native animals as pets. Pshaw. 

"Sage Advice"

This last painting is sort of a sequel to the third painting in this series called "Our Family Tree". I've been totally obsessed with insects lately. Especially beetles. I don't know, they are just so cool. I'd like to say "This one is probably self-explanatory" but maybe it's not so easy to see things outside of my head.

"Our Family Tree Revisited"

Will return with more paintings shortly. Ciao bella.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Beast Friends Forever

I recently did a tour poster for some friends, songwriters Lucas Carpenter, Mark Rose (formerly Spitalfield) & Jon Walker (formerly Panic! At The Disco). It was under a short time constraint, so I played around with digital collage to save time. This is possibly the first time I've ever mixed textures and real paint. It was an interesting experiment. It certainly did make some things a lot quicker, whereas, if I had painted the whole thing, I would probably still be painting. (The painting was 11x17, generally larger than the size I paint in). This was one of those times I also wish I didn't love hand-drawn typography so much. It was very tedious to paint around every letter!

If you're lucky enough, hopefully you can catch these guys on the road! They are a great bunch of songwriters, who will be performing together and playing each other's songs over the next month. For more information on their whereabouts click here:

Seriously, check them out. You won't regret it!

I've also been building a website. A REAL ONE. Not like, hosted by carbonmade or anything. I thought it was going to be the death of me to try and re-learn Dreamweaver, but it's actually gone pretty smoothly. Some things have come back to me too. I've barely had to watch or read any tutorials. I'm sort of proud! I'm predicting that trying to get the website live will be the most hellish part of the adventure. I remember being very confused at that part in school... For the time being, I will just admire it from my safari browser and pretend like it's really working.

Until next time!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Recent Musical Endeavors

It's been a while since I last updated. Since I've got home, things have been kind of all over the place. I'm still getting used to my new "schedule." Including but not limited to; freelance work, musical projects, a recent obsession with gardening, and making a somewhat navigable website. Which you can visit right here:


(I still don't have the naked domain working, so you must put in the "www." part for now. This stuff is just all way above me.  Like so many things involving the internet, it kind of makes me want to defenestrate my computer and run screaming into the woods and never come back.)

My "One Hundred Paintings Project" is back underway though, so the updates will soon be flooding in.

I have a lot of musical endeavors in the works right now. It's something that until recently, I got too far away from, for personal (and yet somehow, really stupid) reasons. So I've been trying to begin writing and recording again. The best way to do this is to just write a billion songs, I figure. One of them is bound to not suck so much. The truth is, I really don't mind writing sucky songs. If they didn't suck then I really wouldn't be learning anything. Of course there are times when I'll try to actually craft and care about what I'm creating and I do believe that can lead to some great work, but there's something to be said for spontaneity. There is an energy and sincerity that can't be captured by any other means. Obviously the objective is to write music people can tolerate and eventually maybe even go out of their way to listen to, but I'm in a good place with it all right now.

I'm currently working on a conceptual album I hope to release sometime this summer. It's sure to be a doozy. I've also had the wonderful opportunity to write with some other talented folks. Josie and I had a few days together for the first time in a long time so we did what "Dippy and My Friend" does best and wrote like twelve songs in an hour. We actually had a brief session where I said... "OKAY GO, WRITE SOMETHING RIGHT NOW, DO IT, YOU WON'T. THIS IS HOW THE MELODY GOES, LIKE IT!? OKAY DONE, GREAT SONG, MOVING ON..." No seriously... that's how it goes down. I find when you think on your toes you end up surprising yourself, and it severs a lot of convention and routine that's very easy to get yourself tangled in. Which has sort of been the whole point of the "One Hundred Paintings Project" to begin with. I feel I've already learned so much.

"The River Bed"

This last song we really did write in about 30 seconds. We were under a time constraint so we just wrote it really fast. Cameron came by and we asked him to join in. He plays those keys like it's nobody's business.

The song gets a little unsure of itself somewhere towards the end but I suppose that's bound to happen when you are making it up as you go. They can't all be gold:

"One King Town"

Ciao for now.